What is a QR Code?

I’m guessing that everybody has seen a QR Code in their life, whether they new what it was or not. The QR Code is that strange very pixelated looking black and white box that appears almost everywhere nowadays. It became very popular recently, but it was invented in 1994 by Toyota to help them keep track of the vehicles in the production process. It became very popular in Japan, and later in the world – it is one of the most popular 2 dimensional barcodes.

The QR Code can hold a lot of data and nowadays companies use it mostly to advertise themself with it. Usually you need a smart phone and an application that can recognize these codes. And after that you just need to hold the camera at the code and it will automatically give you the website URL, or a special landing page that the code hides. The code can hide a bunch of stuff, for example it can hide text as well and a lot of people are starting to use the codes for special advertising. Hiding there othervise not visible links, or some extra premium stuff.

And the beauty of it that you can easily get your own QR codes anytime. Come on, scan the picture above, it’ll get you to my portfolio site, and it will work. You can advertise QR Codes on shirts, napkins, practically anywhere, and you can advertise your local, or small business easily, because the internet is full of QR Code generators. So it is fairly easy to make a code and then with the available image of the code go and make a custom shirt with your QR code on it.

An other creative idea is to add your business card text to the QR Code and then if anybody scans the text they’ll have a note in their smart phone with your details. An other plus for the QR Code is that it’s easily accessable by anyone and it reads the data really fast. So you only need a moment and you’ll get the info you want.

I won’t say that the QR Code is the way of the future, but it is a really neat stuff that is accessable to anyone. And this is a big thing. So if you are planning on starting something, than go and make a QR Code to yourself, maybe you can get some traffic that way as well.

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