Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Not long ago in late October gamers all around the world saw a spectacular sight. Rockstart had a new landing page showing that the GTA V trailer will reach our homes on the 2nd of November. Fans young and old all around the world rejoyced, the shares of Rockstar went up, everybody was happy and eagerly awaiting the second day of November.

The GTA series has a great history. The first games were just simply epic, and when the 3rd game came out as a third person shooter the world changed. Forever. GTA games has since been a smashing success regardless of anything. There were some problems with GTA IV on the PC so you can’t say that everything went smooth, but the success of the game was just huge. Every time when I heard that a new GTA game is coming I got super excited. When I was younger I just couldn’t wait, I played through the old games of GTA and when the new one came out I was blown away and I was completely satisfied. Even when the graphics of the game were not that good the gameplay and the experience was so superb I had nothing to say.

And now a new episode is coming. The world is again over excited to have a new GTA episode 10 years after the release of GTA III. Already there are a lot of spoilers and news about GTA V, but other than this trailer below nothing is official. Have a look at it, we get back to San Andreas, but with better graphics – and better physics, and hopefully bigger environment. Hope that this game comes out around mid 2012.

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