Anno 2070 Launch Trailer

Back at the starting rush of the blog I talked about the upcoming Anno game, which is set in 2070, ergo in the not too distant future. This is a bit of braking the tradition (all the Anno games were set in the past), but I expressed my good feelings about the game. And last week it came out at last, just in time that we are overwhelmed with different jobs, so just don’t have time to test the gama and give myself to the old me…

If you wait patiently maybe I’ll post something of the game here, but at the moment there are two other games (L.A. Noire and the new Telltale game Jurassic Park) I’d like to try, or dig my teeth into, and I’m just starting… So it seems a bit hopeless. In the meantime enjoy the launch trailer and try the game yourself!

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