Why Do I Need a Website?

So what’s the purpose of a website anyway? We’ve been talking about making websites, making facebook pages, social medias and everything similar. But why do we need a website? Well, there are a few purposes of a website, but let’s try to look at it from a different angle. Do we really need a website when we can easily (and freely) create a Facebook page where anybody can find us.┬áThis is a hard question and I think people will react differently to it, but here’s my opinion.

What’s the Purpose of a Website?

A website can be useful for a few different things and can have different purposes. It can be a business card for example. You give your link (your name preferably, so it’s easier) and there they can find your contacts on a single paged site. This is however a bit useless: if you hand out a business card there they’ll already have your contacts and without SEO and marketing nobody will find a business card type website, and furthermore nobody will be interested if they can’t find some material. This type of websites can be useful with already big and famous names and companies where you know their portfolio already (for example we all know the Pixar movies and if I’d like something from Pixar I would only want their contact info).

It can be a brochure. Our company website is something similar. We have some info on us, on what we do, how we do it and of course some samples of our work. This is a great opportunity for smaller businesses.

Then there are social sites like blogs. These can be individual, or company owned and they are pretty prevailing nowadays. Everybody has one – your family can know about it, or a relevant community, anything – and if you’re good you can even make money from it. If you have a huge community it could be good to maintain a forum as well. There are huge community sites around the internet where people with the same interest gather – these sites offer news, updates, links, forums, maybe even a small portfolio site for the individuals, so almost anything.

So Who Cares, I’m on Facebook.

But is this really worth it? Everybody is on Facebook. We could join in and standardize everything: money, alphabet, language, and we could make only one site on the internet. Imagine it: the Internet would be one website. For example Facebook. You’ll have an option to start a blog, share yourself, your info, your business, and already you can find other big companies there, photos of their work, so brochure, business card and even blogs and forums are pretty much available with Facebook – well different forms, but let’s just say it’s the same.

Of course this will never happen, race will always be, and one company can hardly monatize the whole Internet. But this is a relevant question: if I have a Facebook page and url, why should I spend money on a website? Everybody can find me on Facebook, I can even upload my portfolio.

Well of course, I can’t argue with this and you can do that, sure. But… this is the thing: Facebook is for free, a standard Google website is for free. And everybody knows it’s for free and some potential clients will know that it’s free and they will think that this person, or company is so unknown, or bad that it doesn’t even have the money for a personalized website. It’s just basically bad reputation. It’s just becoming customary for businesses to have a website and beside that be part of every social community. Of course I could manage everything with Facebook and Flickr for example: infos and high quality portfolio. But people love to browse. If I find a portfolio I like I look for a blog, a flickr site, a Facebook, anything I can follow.

A hard questions, so share your thoughts with us!

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