L.A. Noire – Practically a Movie

It is truly amazing how we are in technology-wise. I recently played through this game, but didn’t have the time to sit down and talk about it. And honestly there’s not too much to talk either! The game is simply splendid. But I’ll try to speak a bit more, and forgive me if I can’t.

So one goal of L.A. Noire was to ┬ámimic a movie. This was achieved, and how! The most interesting thing about the game is the animation of the heads of the characters. Every face has it’s own characteristics, and you can see if somebody is lying, or making fun of you, or anything else. It is practically a movie. I don’t want to talk too much about the story, or the graphics or anything that might be important when reading a game review (such as AI, etc.). The game is good, let’s just say that, it meets my needs: the graphics is nice enough, the AI is clever enough, I heard from a few people that there’s too little traffic, and pedestrians, but I didn’t notice this either while playing the missions.

I had other problems. While the game offered over 20 hours of gameplay (just playing throught the story – leaving most of the side missions, such as taking care of some police business, shootouts and such), so while I played it for weeks (a few hours every day) it doesn’t offer any re-playability. The story is linear and after reaching the end there’s no need to play around the city any more. Also the city itself was not too charming, I quickly got used to the automatic “drive to location” option. I really liked that the game wanted to be more, wanted to be a movie, and it was great exploring the crime scenes, but like a movie I won’t watch it too many times.

It had one major problem. The protagonist was not sympathetic. With a movie this can be different, but if you play a guy that’s not the good guy – for you, then it becomes really wierd when you play. And this is a really interesting thing: for example Nico, from GTA IV isn’t really the good guy… But still I didn’t think he was that bad, and I enjoyed the game. Maybe L.A. Noire tries to make us really tangled with the story and the characters, but the protagonist is just not there for me… Maybe just for me.

So overall it is a really nice game, I look forward to similar games over the years. I definately recommend it to everybody: lots of gameplay time and a lot of new features. Lot of interesting cases, you should try it out if you like detective movies.

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