The Slow Mo Guys

It’s Christmas alright, and we all have some time off finally. So for today I searched a nice little Youtube channel that I found only a few days ago, and slowly watched through all the videos on it. There are unfortunately only 50 or so, but they are simply awesome.

They are the Slow Mo Guys, they have a nice high speed camera which is able to shoot 10,000 frames per second, making reality 400 times slower than it really is. That means that if they capture 4 seconds of video, you’ll get 26 minutes of footage. Incredible. And one of them worked on the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which is my favourite book(s)/movie of all time – almost. So have a great time browsing through their videos, if you enjoy slow motion then you’ll most definately love this channel – though you’ll need some twisted humour or taste to think that these guys are awesome.

Click on the picture for their channel!

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