Jurassic Park The Game

I think on this blog I already have some past with the Telltale games and those of you who read regularly my ramblings about video games know that I just love the Telltale games, and the adventure game genre that they are mostly doing. Sadly the Jurassic Park game was somewhat a disappointment. Nothing went the way I expected it.

More than half a year ago I posted about the sad news that the game was delayed to this Autumn, and later this became Winter. This was a tragic news, but I though: hey, if it’s going to be a better game than let them do it for a few more months. But the game was in some way a really fresh great game, but in an other way it was a big disappointment for me. The game itself is a cinematic adventure, so don’t expect an FPS, or a superb puzzle game, just a nice little movie like game. I don’t want to bring this game completely to the ground. It was a truly unique and genuine experience while I was playing. The mood, the camera shot, everything was there, and I really enjoyed the game. The nice little alternative cutscenes are great as well (when out heros get eaten alive by some predators). So I enjoyed the game very much, but there are unfortunately some major flaws.

The biggest problem is the gameplay time. It’s around 5 hours. And I’m not a super gamer that knows and can do everything instantly. It’s just this way: every episode is around 1-1.5 hours of gameplay and most of the time you’ll get to watch cutscenes. And from time to time you’ll get to engage in conversations, or do some combination on the keyboard – pressing the right key at the right time – to make your character survive the wilderness. It’s like a movie in some way, but as a game it just doesn’t offer too much – no poking around, no searchin – I mean there are some, but compared to the Back to the Future game, or the Sam and Max games it’s nothing. Still: this is not the same genre, but it would’ve been great to look around in more depth.

The time is the biggest problem, I was planning on playing the game on my Holiday, but instead I played it through in a half afternoon when I was sick and had some time. This gaming style also creates some problem areas. For example there’s a part where two of the main characters are arguing. And you control the conversation yourself – but control both of them at the same time. It’s a good idea to introduce multiple protagonists to a game, but when two of them arguing and you are putting the words in their mouth it just gets confusing, like if you were arguing with yourself. Disturbing.

Also almost through the entire game there’s no choice opportunity. Do it right or do it wrong and that’s it, hit the buttons as fast as you can. And surprise at the end there’s a choice opportunity. Choose A or B, but it’s happening all so fast that I was just hitting the keyboard random and made the choice I didn’t want to make. It’s just stupid putting in a choice option at the end of the game when you are escaping some predators and hitting the keyboards randomly. You won’t have the time to think, especially because there was no (or almost no) precedent to this in the game.

So overall it is a great new gaming style and a good game, but the fact that it’s only like 5 hours to play it through and it offers little freedom makes it a hard choice. For only 5 more dollars you can buy Assassin’s Creed Revelations – which is not such an intruiging new game, but offers much much freedom and excellent environments, characters, movements, and fun.

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