How to Choose and Pay for Graphic Design School

Design | Dave | July 10, 2012
Design School
If you have an artistic side, you may be considering a career as a graphic designer. The first step in becoming a great designer is choosing the right college and completing a degree program. There are several things to look for when choosing one of the many ...
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A Few Million Dots & Art

Design | Dave | December 12, 2011
I'm posting this just for inspiration sake. I found this video a few minutes ago, Miguel Endara made a beautiful image using only dots. 3,2 million dots to be precise. This is hard work, just after one hour your arm will get sore, not to mention what happens after 210...
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Hand Written Fonts

Design | Dave | November 30, 2011
Just a few fonts to share with you today. You might know Chris Spooner, he's a graphic designer, a pretty good one, and he has two blogs - to my knowledge. One is his own, and the other one is line 25. If you are interested in design...
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Interview with Waseem Arshad

Design News | Dave | November 27, 2011
Moire e-commerce by Waseem
It was quite some time ago since our last interview, but we have the fortune to re-introduce this great habit on our site. We talk to designers of any kind (mostly 3d up until now) who have a professional and high standard portfolio. Today we are posting the interview with...
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Comic Strip Success

Design News | Dave | November 25, 2011
I'm sure that if you browse around the Internet you'll find comic strips and other short funny pictures within minutes... Or seconds. There are the famous troll faces for example that became the expressive tools of the Internet era, and generation. I'm not going to talk about those right here...
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Talk-Talk-Talk Is the Key

Design | Dave | November 21, 2011
Our design studio has gained a lot of experiences over the years. We learned a lot of stuff from our successes and our failures. Now I want to share with you one of our biggest secrets. This is the key of any design related work: you have to talk. ...
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Inspiration #15

Design | Dave | November 8, 2011
It's always great to come across talented artists on the Internet. This is why we are dedicating this post to Mikael Eidenberg. He is a self taught graphic designer and 3d artist from Sweden. He lives in Stockholm, and he had the chance over the years to work...
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Inspiration #14

Design | Dave | November 1, 2011
Free Man by Rachides
It's been some time since the last inspiration series, but here we go again. This time I selected a few random images, 3d, photography, illustrations, just a few pictures that I really liked. I hope you'll like them too. Click on the pictures to get to the links. ...
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Explained #11

Design | Dave | October 30, 2011
War Child
Hand drawn illustrations are great. They look attractive and they are hard to find. If you want hand drawn illustrations to your site you will have a hard time: they are certainly unique, so they are attractive, but they have their price. Not every designer is good enough to make...
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The Team Loves #1

Design | Dave | October 28, 2011
Hey guys, it's our new starting series, I'll try to share with you a couple of times some great gadgets that you can use in your office, or that look good on your desk, or they even have some functionality. 1. With Whoopass you can get a custom Bubblehead...
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