How to get Traffic

Tips & Tricks | Dave | December 3, 2011
Blogging is viral
This is the golden question of websites and blogs all over the world. How to get some decent amount of traffic. The indigoline Blog is slowly becoming 1 year old and we've had our good and bad days during this time, but the main thing is that I learnt a...
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Talk-Talk-Talk Is the Key

Design | Dave | November 21, 2011
Our design studio has gained a lot of experiences over the years. We learned a lot of stuff from our successes and our failures. Now I want to share with you one of our biggest secrets. This is the key of any design related work: you have to talk. ...
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Is Google+ Failing?

News | Dave | November 5, 2011
Social Giants
In late July we posted about the new and promising social networking site, Google+. We already saw that Google is trying to reach out to new and unexplored areas to extend their power over the Internet: we got Google mail, Buzz, Sketch, Chrome, and much more, but we...
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Get Real Social Media Followers

Tips & Tricks | Dave | October 18, 2011
Surfing Youtube
I already posted a few times about the importance of social media marketing, and the hardships of getting viral on YouTube. Well now you can easily get more youtube views in just a few days with the help of Buy Real Marketing. Social media...
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Social Media Marketing

Tips & Tricks | Dave | August 22, 2011
Perhaps social media is one of the most important change that happened to our daily life, making it easier for everybody to communicate and to advertise. This is why we talk about it a lot. It doesn't really matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, with...
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Getting viral on Twitter

Tips & Tricks | Dave | April 25, 2011
Twitter has been one of my priorities for a few days now, and I've been trying to get some results since the BuySellAds tactic didn't really work on it. Knowing that a really important thing is to get the right people to follow you I had...
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Advertising on Twitter

Tips & Tricks | Dave | April 18, 2011
Payed advertising
Not long ago I got a comment on my Facebook payed advertising post that I should try Well, I jumped right into the idea, after all I was planning on doing new interesting marketing experiments. On BuySellAds you can find basically two types of...
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Creative Social Networking Icons

Design | Dave | April 5, 2011
mirku Twitter icons
In todays post, I will get back to the social networking world, and share some creative icons for social networks. They are all free, so enjoy them, and put them out to your website! And comment if you can, to the authors' site, they will appreciate it! I tried to select...
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Marketing with comments

Tips & Tricks | Dave | April 4, 2011
Chat with others
In the last two weeks I talked about payed marketing on Facebook and StumbleUpon. And those work in a way, but if you don't have unlimited funds, or you are just starting off as a freelancer, or a new small family owned business, then you just won't want to spend...
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Social Network Icons

Design | Dave | March 22, 2011
Update, 4.5.11. - For a new set of free social network icons, click here! Every site needs some social network icons nowadays. You just can't manage a business without Twitter, or Facebook. You have to be on Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and so on... So you need...
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