How to write an effective CV?

Tips & Tricks | Dave | April 2, 2011
David Rencsenyi CV
Creating a great CV is essential nowadays, no matter what business you want to do. If you're trying to find a job, and seeking different companies, the first thing they'll ask for, is a CV. So if you have a really bad looking CV, no matter what you know, it...
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Make a custom grunge styled text!

Tips & Tricks | Dave | March 12, 2011
Final Image
This is the first episode of our bi-weekly tutorial series. Every two week we'll publish a tutorial about some practical design solution in Photoshop. Describing it from step to step, it will be easy for you to recreate some appealing design. In this firs part we'll make a grunge styled...
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Design Basics – Points & Lines

Design | Dave | March 3, 2011
George Seurat - Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
In this upcoming series, I will go through the basics elements and principals of graphic design, and art. There are some rules, and some interesting facts to know about art itself. Basically anyone can make a poster, a website, a picture,...
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Psychedelic or Minimalist

Design | Dave | March 2, 2011
Psychedelic art
In art and design, you can find practically infinite number of styles. Every designer has a different taste, and this shows on their work. But today we will inspect two very different types of art. One is simple, and...
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