Interview with Waseem Arshad

Design News | Dave | November 27, 2011
Moire e-commerce by Waseem
It was quite some time ago since our last interview, but we have the fortune to re-introduce this great habit on our site. We talk to designers of any kind (mostly 3d up until now) who have a professional and high standard portfolio. Today we are posting the interview with...
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Talk-Talk-Talk Is the Key

Design | Dave | November 21, 2011
Our design studio has gained a lot of experiences over the years. We learned a lot of stuff from our successes and our failures. Now I want to share with you one of our biggest secrets. This is the key of any design related work: you have to talk. ...
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Inspiration #15

Design | Dave | November 8, 2011
It's always great to come across talented artists on the Internet. This is why we are dedicating this post to Mikael Eidenberg. He is a self taught graphic designer and 3d artist from Sweden. He lives in Stockholm, and he had the chance over the years to work...
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WordPress Typography Plugins

Tips & Tricks | Dave | October 26, 2011
Typography is a huge part of any designed product that has any text in it. So if you are reading a book, a magazine, or even some signs on the street, an ad on the window of a shop, a billboard you are going to meet with either a good,...
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Is Responsive Design Really Good?

Design What is...? | Dave | August 26, 2011
Responsive Website
Not long ago I posted about responsive websites and I showed that they work well and they look pretty cool. It's just amazing how far technology reached in the past few years. But maybe a responsive website is only good on the outside. Could there be...
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Where to get your inspiration?

Design Tips & Tricks | Dave | June 6, 2011
Where to get your inspiration
There are of course quite a few sites in my RSS feed that I read, or I'd like to read every day, to keep myself informed. Now I'll share with you the best sites that can give some design inspiration. This is good for practically anybody: if you are a...
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Design Trends for 2011

Design | Dave | May 24, 2011
The Internet and web appearance has changed a lot in the past 10-15 years. It's evolved to the point, that you have the tools in your hand to create a beautiful website that contains the necessary info and it is appealing to your customers. Creating a compelling website is really...
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The Race between Website and Social Media

Design | Dave | May 2, 2011
The race
The Competitive Race between Website and Social Media: What’s YourChoice? The virtual world of internet has surely changed the world with its newadvancements and technologies. Going with the flow of the age, people of modernage perceive things from a different...
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Explained #9

Design | Dave | April 29, 2011
Pop The Box
In our weekly explained series we bring to you sites that look good, they are inspiring and they are good examples. If you feel that your site should be represented here, leave a comment, or email us, and you could be feautered next week! ...
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Responsive Web Designs

What is...? | Dave | April 27, 2011
In the last few years the computer technology really developed and we have a ton of new gadgets that are a lot more faster and offer better resolution and capacity. Now when we are talking about websites a very important thing that has emerged is the actual size of a...
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